Cooking Oil Disposal in Saint Bernard, LA

Cooking Oil RecyclingOver time, cooking oils begin to degrade. This results in loss of flavor and sub-par food safety standards. If your cooking oils are past their prime, it’s probably time to invest in new oil for your restaurant. You may be wondering, however, how you can safely and effectively dispose of your spent cooking oil?

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is your trusted source of inspection services and cooking oil disposal in Saint Bernard, Shell Beach, St. Bernard Parish, and New Orleans, LA. Our family owned and locally operated company boasts more than 20 years of experience in the oil disposal and recycling industry. We’re here to help you identify cooking oil disposal solutions that meet your needs.

Benefits of Cooking Oil Recycling

There are a number of reasons you may want to consider investing in cooking oil recycling in Saint Bernard, LA, including:

  • Biodiesel ConversionMost recycled cooking oil is converted into biodiesel, a by-product which can be used to generate power for electricity, cars and more. If you’re looking to prove your business’ green bona fides while also increasing your overall efficiency, consider investing in cooking oil recycling services.
  • Improved Safety & Reduced Clean-up ExpensesUnfortunately, most cooking oil ends up going down the drain. Investing in cooking oil recycling, however, can keep your drains and grease traps free of unnecessary clogs. This will improve the overall safety and efficiency of your operations.

Safeway Used Oil and Grease offers cooking oil collection and waste oil collection services to both institutional and commercial clients. We are proud to offer this essential service to schools, restaurants, hospitals, hotels and more.

Recycle Your Oil

If you’re looking for a trusted community partner to help you safely recycle your restaurant’s spent cooking oil, look no further than Safeway Used Oil and Grease. Contact us today at 504-650-3195 to learn more about our extensive cooking oil disposal and grease recycling opportunities!

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