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inspectionDepending on the state, county and municipality in which you operate your restaurant, you may be required to invest in regular grease trap inspections. Scheduling regular grease trap inspections provided by a company in Saint Bernard, Shell Beach, St. Bernard Parish, or New Orleans, LA, is the best way to ensure you maintain compliance with health authorities.

Additionally, investing in regular inspection services ensures that you’re maintaining the safest, healthiest food preparation environment possible. Grease trap inspection professionals can provide you with actionable steps that will help you improve safety for your guests and employees, and ensure you’re in regulatory compliance.

Invest in Inspection Services

Grease trap inspections are relatively simple and painless procedures that ensure that your restaurant’s inner workings are safe and sound. They can help prevent premature equipment breakdown and ensure food safety standards are consistently met. Here are just a few things that may occur during your grease trap inspection:

  • Capacity & Flow DeterminationOne of the first things a grease trap inspector may due is attempt to determine if your current grease trap is sufficiently large to capture all of the grease your restaurant is producing. If not, they may recommend investing in a new trap.
  • Placement & Fixture ClearanceInspectors will also examine all of the fixtures attached to your grease trap, and ensure that they’re appropriately attached. Additionally, they will work with you to ensure that the grease trap is placed correctly.
  • Maintenance RecommendationsFinally, they will examine the status of your grease trap and determine if it’s in need of maintenance or repairs. If so, they’ll likely issue a detailed set of service recommendations.
  • Plumbing CodeFats, oils, and grease (FOG) causes backups by entering sewer lines. Regular grease trap inspection and cleaning ensures you protect your business from the damages caused by these backups. Plumbing code also requires equipment to maintain less than a 25% FOG capacity. Schedule your inspection today!

    Plumbing Code Requirements

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is a full-service commercial grease trap cleaning company in Saint Bernard, LA. We are proud to partner with the region’s local restaurant community, as well as hotels, schools, hospitals and more, to provide them with peace of mind and regulatory certainty.

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To learn more about ways we can help you maintain regulatory compliance and keep your guests and employees as safe as possible, contact one of our friendly cooking oil disposal representatives at 504-650-3195. We’re here to help your restaurant or institution succeed!

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