Used Oil Collection and Recycling in New Orleans

motor oil usedSafeway Used Oil and Grease offers a common-sense solution to needs created by the presence of spent motor and petroleum-based oils: waste oil collection in New Orleans, LA. We are proud to provide automotive professionals with the resources they need to safely and effectively dispose of caustic motor oil.

Motor oil is a toxic substance that can’t simply be thrown away or poured down the drain. Thankfully, we’re is here to help. We collect spent motor oil and deliver it to a trusted local refinery that turns the motor oil back into usable consumer products. Our company provides easy and effective disposal solutions for environmentally conscious companies in the New Orleans area.

Benefits of Oil Recycling

Used motor oil is a dangerous substance that needs to be handled with the utmost care. If not disposed of or recycled properly, it can cause substantive environmental damage. Here are just some of the benefits associated with used motor oil disposal in New Orleans, LA:

  • Motor Oil Doesn’t Wear Out

    Many people incorrectly believe that motor oil burns up or wears out as it gets older. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! In fact, motor oil just gets dirty. This means that once it’s been thoroughly filtered and clean, it’s as good as new.

  • Reduces Pollution

    Motor oil is extremely damaging to the environment. It fallows soils, destroys aquatic environments and kills wildlife. Investing in oil recycling ensures motor oil from your vehicle fleet or automotive repair shop doesn’t end up polluting your local environment.

  • Less Processing Versus Crude Oil

    Because motor oil is already refined and processed, it just needs to be filtered and screened to be reused. This means it requires much less processing than crude oil to be shelf-ready, as opposed to crude.

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