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5 Easy Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Grease You Use

March 17, 2023

5 Easy Ways To Reduce The Amount Of Grease You Use There are many easy ways to reduce the amount of grease you use. By doing so, you can help minimize FOG effluent that enters your kitchen’s grease trap and also save you money by reducing the frequency of grease interceptor cleaning. 1. Get A Grease Trap A grease trap prevents fats, oils and grease from clogging sewer pipes. These wastes will inevitably cause blockages and lead to backups, or sanitary sewer overflows (SSO). Grease traps work by using water to cool the wastewater so that it separates out fats,... View Article

The Benefits Of Used Grease Recycling

March 13, 2023

The Benefits Of Used Grease Recycling Used cooking oil is a staple in restaurants, but restauranteurs often don’t dispose of it correctly. This can result in a number of issues, including clogged sewer pipes and even expensive repairs. Recycling used grease keeps it out of the environment, minimizes greenhouse gas emissions and helps to keep our natural resources clean and safe! Saves You Time & Money Pouring grease down a drain seems like a simple solution, but it can cause serious damage to sewer pipes. Clogged pipes can lead to expensive sewage repair, and businesses may even have to pay... View Article

How To Recycle Used Motor Oil

October 24, 2022

Every year, millions of gallons of used oil enter the environment. Although there are extensive rules and regulations concerning how to properly dispose of used oil, a lot of the oil still makes its way back into the environment improperly. To help reduce this risk to the environment, it is important for vehicle owners to understand ways they can recycle oil. This quick guide will provide you with more information on how to recycle used oil. The Benefits of Recycling Recycling used oil keeps that oil out of rivers, streams, and lakes. It is also a great way to keep... View Article

How To Properly Dispose of Used Motor Oil

October 20, 2022

You can save yourself a lot of money by changing your oil at home. Many people even find this chore enjoyable, especially if they already like working on cars. If you opt for DIY oil changes, it is very important that you know how to dispose of used oil properly. If you have been wondering where to discard used motor oil, this quick guide will explain how to dispose of the oil safely and legally. Keep Oil Contained The first thing you should remember is that the oil must stay properly contained when you drain it from the engine. If... View Article

The Dangers of Improper Disposal of Used Motor Oil

September 26, 2022

You will likely come across motor oil if you’re an automobile owner, shop mechanic, or business owner. Knowing how to dispose of it properly is paramount to keeping your business, home, or workplace in the best conditions. Here is some information about motor oil disposal you should know.  The Dangers of Improper Disposal of Used Motor Oil You might think of motor oil as a benefactor and necessity for your vehicle. While it is a lifesaver for automobile engines, it can be a detriment to the environment, pets, and other people. It contains highly toxic chemicals, so it is vital... View Article

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