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Why Maintaining Your Grease Trap Is So Important

June 24, 2020

Grease traps are designed to keep plumbing systems healthy in commercial kitchens, restaurants and food preparation facilities. Grease traps collect fats, oils and grease to keep them out of pipes and plumbing systems and reduce the risk of obstructions, clogs and deterioration. To keep your grease trap working properly, it’s important to invest time into maintenance. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of grease trap maintenance in New Orleans, LA and for some helpful maintenance tips. The importance of grease trap maintenance in New Orleans, LA There are several reasons why grease trap maintenance is so important. Grease... View Article

Grease Traps vs. Grease Interceptors

May 8, 2020

In commercial kitchens and food preparation facilities, safe grease disposal is critical. Not only does safe grease disposal ensure compliance with local laws and regulations, it also improves workplace safety and hygiene for employees and customers alike. If you’re looking for a grease disposal solution for your business, it’s important to consider the difference between grease traps and grease interceptors in New Orleans, LA. Both grease traps and grease interceptors are designed to trap suspended oils, grease and fatty particles from wastewater to prevent these contaminants from entering a plumbing system. Grease traps and grease interceptors help protect plumbing systems... View Article

Why You Should Regularly Have Your Grease Trap Pumped

March 31, 2020

A grease trap is a necessity in any professional kitchen—it’s not only essential for keeping your plumbing clog-free, but it also ensures the health and safety of your food and workers. While some people think that grease traps only need to be pumped when they’re full, that can leave you vulnerable to clogs and backups that will disrupt your workflow if they’re not caught in time. Regular grease trap pumping in New Orleans, LA will guarantee that your grease trap won’t cause you any unforeseen downtime, lost business and more. How a grease trap works You probably already know not... View Article

Does My Grease Trap Need to Be Repaired?

February 29, 2020

Grease traps serve an essential function in commercial kitchens. Not only do properly-maintained grease traps protect pipes and plumbing, they also reduce fire risk and ensure a safe kitchen environment. Unfortunately, grease traps often develop issues over time that must be addressed with professional maintenance or repair. If you’re experiencing some problems with your grease trap, but you’re unsure about whether you need grease trap repair in New Orleans, LA, keep reading for some professional advice. Signs of grease trap issues Grease traps are designed to catch fat, grease and cooking oil to protect your plumbing from residue, buildup and... View Article

How Do Grease Traps Work?

February 15, 2020

In a commercial kitchen, quality equipment is everything when it comes to efficiency, productivity, quality and safety. One of the most important pieces of equipment in a commercial kitchen is the grease trap. While this might not seem like an essential component in your kitchen, the reality is that a properly functioning grease trap is key to the safety and productivity of your New Orleans, LA kitchen. So, how do grease traps work? Read on to find out more. How do grease traps work in New Orleans, LA? Commercial kitchens use a lot of grease to cook large quantities of... View Article

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