Warning Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

June 21, 2018

Grease traps are found in restaurants, institutions and homes throughout the world. Grease traps collect residual fats, oils and solids that may wash down into your sink. While many grease traps are capable of collecting lots of debris and oil, they need regular cleaning and maintenance to continue operating as intended. Dirty grease traps can make it difficult to properly clean your kitchen gear, and may eventually pose a health risk at your restaurant or home.

The best way to ensure that your grease trap doesn’t get to a point where it’s in serious need of cleaning is by investing in regular grease trap cleaning in St. Bernard, LA. Working with a qualified grease trap cleaning professional can help you make the most of your existing restaurant equipment, and ensure that your gear remains in good repair.
If it’s been a while since your last grease trap cleaning appointment, it’s advisable to call for professional assistance. Here are just a few signs that may indicate your grease trap is in need of attention:

  • Bad smells: One of the most common indicators of a dirty grease trap is unpleasant smells. As fats, oils and grease began to degrade, they spoil and are eaten up by bacteria. This causes nasty odors, and may even generate a small amount of heat. After time, this process could pose a health risk in your kitchen, and it may also begin to degrade your pipes. If your sink is emitting a bad odor, it’s likely a sign that your grease trap is in need of cleaning.
  • Draining issues: If your sink is draining slowly, it’s often a sign that your grease trap is in dire need of cleaning. If your grease trap is operating as intended, your water disposal systems should be working just as smoothly as your water delivery systems. This means that you shouldn’t be experiencing any drainage issues at all. If your grease trap is full, however, you may not be able to empty your sink of water as quickly as you should.
  • Bathroom problems: Many people are surprised to learn that the performance of their grease traps has system-wide effects on everything throughout their building’s plumbing. A clogged grease trap may be adversely affecting your toilet’s ability to flush and fill correctly, and it may also be impacting the water pressure throughout your plumbing system. Investing in grease trap cleaning in St. Bernard, LA is the best way to ensure your plumbing continues to work as intended.

Since 1998, Safeway Used Oil & Grease has been a highly trusted provider of grease trap cleaning service in St. Bernard, LA. We are proud to provide each and every one of our clients with high-quality, dependable grease trap cleaning services. We work with our clients to meet their specific needs and provide them with the grease trap and oil disposal services they require. To learn more about ways that we can help you make the most of your restaurant and ensure that you’re working with a clean and safe kitchen environment, contact one of our friendly representatives today.

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