Effects of a Dirty Grease Trip

July 20, 2018

In a restaurant, hundreds of meals may be prepared in a given day. With all this cooking, it’s no surprise that a significant amount of grease and oil ends up going down your drains. In order to prevent damage to plumbing, restaurants have grease traps that catch these oily substances and prevent them from ending up in the sewer system, where they could cause damage. With so many different things to keep track of when it comes to maintaining your restaurant, it’s easy to forget about getting regular grease trap cleaning in St. Bernard, LA. However, it’s essential that you have your grease trap cleaned regularly to avoid these negative effects of a dirty trap:

  • Clogged pipes: Your grease trap is only designed with the capacity to hold a certain amount of grease, and it will eventually accumulate more grease than it can handle. When this happens, your grease trap and the pipes connected to it may become clogged and prevent water from effectively flowing through your system. Eventually, these clogs can lead to major backups that force you to close down your kitchen for costly repairs.
  • Unpleasant odors: As grease builds up in your trap, it will eventually begin to smell foul. Bad smells from dirty grease traps can become so bad that they create an unpleasant work environment for your employees. They can be distracting and may prevent your cooks from creating quality food. Eventually, these smells may even make their way into your dining area, where they might drive customers away.
  • Fines and other costs: Having a clogged grease trap can actually cost you money. For one thing, not cleaning your grease trap is a health code violation that could land you with a hefty fine. In addition, because clogged grease traps can lead to backed-up plumbing, you may end up paying for all kinds of costly repairs if you neglect grease trap cleaning in St. Bernard, LA.
  • Health risks: Inhaling the fumes that come from clogged grease traps may put your employees at risk of various health concerns. Your employees may become sick from inhaling the fumes or as a result of water contamination from your dirty grease trap.
  • Fire danger: The biggest concern associated with dirty grease traps is the increased fire danger they present. Grease fires are incredibly harsh, fast spreading and difficult to control. An overflowing grease trap is a major fire hazard that can fuel a major kitchen fire that damages property and puts your employees and customers at risk.

Avoid all of the negative effects of a dirty grease trap with help from grease trap cleaning service in St. Bernard, LA through Safeway Used Oil and Grease. For 20 years, we have offered grease trap cleaning and oil recycling services to commercial and residential customers in the area. We are proud to be an EPA-licensed, family owned business with a reputation for excellence among our customers. Whether you need a routine inspection or an emergency grease trap cleaning, we are here to help. Give us a call today to get started with our services!

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