Top Three Reasons to Seek Grease Trap Service in New Orleans, LA

October 19, 2018

Maintenance is required in every area of life. You probably brush your teeth to avoid cavities. You change the oil in your car to avoid engine problems. You fix leaky pipes to avoid flood damage. When it comes to grease trap service in New Orleans, LA, maintenance is just as important.

This might seem like a minor issue, but, if ignored, it becomes a major one. However, with so much on your plate, this is something that can be overlooked. It shouldn’t be—a lack of proper grease trap maintenance will prove costly in the end. If you’re not sure if this maintenance is worth the effort, consider the following top reasons for grease trap service in New Orleans, LA.

It Prevents Disasters

Consider what will happen if you don’t properly maintain your grease trap. Clogs and backups can cause structural damage and even bring business to a halt. How can you prevent these issues from happening? Simple maintenance to regularly clean your grease traps will keep your drain clear and functioning well. You won’t have to worry about the disasters that can occur if your trap clogs. With these matters under control, you can focus your attention elsewhere, like on ensuring customer satisfaction and growing your business.

It Increases Efficiency

Greater kitchen efficiency typically results in better working conditions, happier customers and a bigger bottom line. A clogged grease trap is the opposite of efficiency. This situation can cause a major setback for your commercial kitchen. If things aren’t running smoothly, you’re losing money. Even the best employees can’t produce the best results without properly working equipment. Don’t wait until your trap becomes clogged and requires immediate clearing to reopen your kitchen. Stay ahead of the game with regular grease trap service in New Orleans, LA. This maintenance will keep your kitchen running like a well-oiled machine (but without the grease)!

It Improves Safety

When oils and fats build up, they can pose a fire hazard. Clogged and overflowing grease traps can also become tripping hazards. In addition to safety concerns, poorly maintained grease traps can produce foul odors that create unpleasant conditions for both employees and customers. Lastly, fats, oils and grease that are unable to properly drain may end up in the municipal water system, which can result in serious fines or other consequences for your business. To avoid these unsafe conditions, keep your grease trap well maintained with grease trap service in New Orleans, LA.

It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3

Healthy grease trap maintenance is simple to achieve. The first step is to realize you need it. Once you’ve reviewed the reasons above, this becomes clear. The second step is to find an experienced grease trap service in New Orleans, LA to partner with for your regular maintenance. The professionals at Safeway Used Oil and Grease offer more than 20 years of experience in commercial used oil collection and grease trap cleaning and inspections. The third step is to contact our team to get started on your grease trap service in New Orleans, LA. Reach out to us today!

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