How to Recycle Your Cooking Oil

January 14, 2019

When you have finished cooking a delicious meal for your loved ones, your work is far from over. You—or a helpful friend or family member—still need to clear the plates, wash and dry the dishes and make sure all the leftover ingredients are put back in their proper place. But there is one other step that you should never overlook: recycling your cooking oil!

If you are like millions of other people, you unfortunately do not think much about what to do with your cooking oil after you have used it. But it is very important that you do not simply wash it down your drain, and instead put it to good use.

With that in mind, here is an overview of why it is so important to recycle your cooking oil, and how you can do so effectively. Recycled cooking oil in New Orleans, LA actually has a lot of potential, so read on to learn more!

Don’t put it down the drain!

Here is the first thing you need to know about cooking oil: you should never simply wash it down your drain. Your drain isn’t set up for cooking oil, and it can easily clog things up, causing a big problem in your kitchen. Additionally, cooking oil that makes its way through the sewer system can cause serious pollution that will impact everyone.

Instead of putting your cooking oil down the drain, you can have your cooking oil recycled in New Orleans, LA. But even if you do not have it recycled, you should at least dispose of it in a safe and responsible manner.

Reuse it

Here is a simple and cost-saving way to recycle your cooking oil: reuse it!

Of course, whether or not you want to reuse cooking oil depends largely on what you have been using it to cook. Reusing cooking oil that has bits of food in it, or has been used to cook meat, probably isn’t very safe or appetizing.

But if your leftover cooking oil is clean and has been used to cook veggies or other similar foods, go ahead and put it in a jar to be used for another tasty meal.

Recycle it

So, what can you do when you have oil that you rather would not reuse in your cooking? If you own a restaurant or operate a commercial kitchen, this is where Safeway Used Oil and Grease comes in. We have over 20 years of experience in recycled cooking oil in New Orleans, LA, and we are proud to offer a wide range of helpful solutions.

Our services include oil collection, oil recycling and emergency grease trap cleaning. We are happy to offer our services to industrial and commercial clients, and no job is too big or too small.

If you have more questions about having your cooking oil recycled, please do not hesitate to get in touch anytime. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping recycle your oil.

And remember—do not wash your cooking oil down the drain!

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