How Does Motor Oil Recycling in New Orleans, LA Work?

May 28, 2019

Are you familiar with motor oil recycling in New Orleans, LA? As producers and consumers look for sustainable solutions to protect our planet, oil use has become a hot topic. Used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA is one way to reduce waste and improve environmental conditions.

How does this work? Use the following FAQ to learn about this process and how you can participate in helping keep our land and water clean.

What kind of oil can be recycled?

Many types of oil can be re-refined or recycled for reuse. These include transmission fluids, brake fluids, metalworking fluids, motor oils, electrical oils, refrigeration oils, heating media, coolants and hydraulic fluids. DIY-ers as well as professional mechanics can recycle these oils. Anyone from small business owners to large corporations can adopt oil recycling methods to apply this helpful process.

How is recycled oil used?

Oil that is recycled can be used to heat businesses and homes. It can also be used at plants that generate electricity. Recycled oil is also good for marine fuels or can be recrafted into fresh motor oil. These recycled oils are safe and effective. They meet the same industry standards as new oil and perform just as well.

How can I recycle oil?

If you’d like to start applying this environmentally-friendly practice, take the following steps when you change your oil. First, be sure to capture all the oil that you are removing from the system. Don’t let any spill onto the ground or other surfaces, where it is wasted and could contaminate groundwater. Second, use an appropriate storage container. These are made of polyethylene or other suitable plastics that can handle the oil product.

Third, keep fluids separate. Don’t mix motor oil with other automotive products, such as brake fluid. If the types of fluids are mixed, they cannot be recycled. Keep this in mind as you place fluids in containers. Don’t use a container that previously housed other fluids.

Fourth, be sure to recycle the oil filter as well as the oil. The filter can contain several ounces of oil, so don’t simply throw it away.

Fifth, store the oil in a cool, dry location until you are ready to bring it to a recycling center. Then, bring it to your local source for oil recycling, such as Safeway Used Oil and Grease.

Does recycling oil make a difference?

Producing 2.5 quarts of oil requires 42 gallons of crude oil. Manufacturers can produce the same 2.5 quarts with just one gallon of recycled oil. Yes, motor oil recycling in New Orleans, LA can make a huge difference. When you recycle, you are helping create a healthier, cleaner environment by reducing waste and conserving important resources.

Recycle with Us

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