Used Oil Recycling in New Orleans, LA: Can I Recycle Cooking Oil?

July 1, 2019

Perhaps you’ve heard of recycling the oil in your car. But did you know that you can also recycle cooking oil? That’s right—used oil recycling includes your kitchen as well as your garage!

How does this process work? Here’s an overview of used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA to help you understand how it works and the value of this process.

How It’s Used

You might wonder what use your old cooking oil could possibly have for other functions. The fact is, used cooking oil can be used to generate power and for heating processes. The oil is refined into biofuel, which not only provides effective energy for electricity and heat, it also burns clean. This means it has a low carbon content, and it doesn’t produce the carbon monoxide that is generated by other types of energy sources.

How It Helps

In addition to providing a quality source of fuel, used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA helps protect the environment. When it is recycled, cooking oil isn’t disposed of in drains, where it can clog sewer lines or end up in water sources. The recycling process reduces pollution and conserves resources, which further enhances environmentally friendly processes.

How It Works

So how exactly is cooking oil transformed into fuel? The vegetable oil refining process often involves hydrocracking or hydrogenation. The process of hydrocracking uses hydrogen to break down large molecules into small molecules. Hydrogenation adds molecules of hydrogen to the material. These methods are used to create gasoline, propane or diesel fuels. This type of diesel may be referred to as renewable or green.

Of course, not just anyone can complete used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA. These processes must be completed by certified organizations that know how to properly handle the materials and understand the recycling methods. This will ensure the cooking oil is reused appropriately.

How to Participate

Once you’ve decided that used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA is a worthwhile cause, your next question is probably: How can I recycle my oil? As you create delicious dishes in your kitchen, how can you ensure that you don’t waste oil, pollute the environment or clog your drainage system?

We make this process easy. Simply contact your local experts in oil recycling in New Orleans, LA. Whether you need to clean out a grease trap to recycle your oil, or need to figure out how to use recycled oil for your facility, your local oil and grease professionals can help. They have the experience and knowledge to guide you in an environmentally friendly direction.

Recycle with the Pros

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is your trusted used oil collection company. With over two decades of experience, we offer the expertise you need. EPA licensed, we provide commercial used oil collection, grease trap cleaning and inspection and emergency grease trap cleaning and oil removal. Our team is dedicated to delivering superior service to meet all your needs for used oil recycling in New Orleans, LA. Contact us today!

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