Eight Safe and Effective Methods of Cooking Oil Disposal in New Orleans, LA

August 16, 2019

For busy restaurants, keeping up with responsible cooking oil disposal may seem like a daunting task. That’s why the experts at your local cooking oil disposal service in New Orleans, LA are here to help, with the following eight cooking oil recycling tips that your business can easily put in place:

  • Reuse it: Instead of throwing your cooking oil out right away, try filtering it so it is still safe to cook with, and reuse it. While it is probably best to reuse oil that was used to cook meat or fish only once or twice, oil that was used to cook vegetables or potatoes can be reused several times.
  • Find a recycling program: If your restaurant is not able to recycle its used oil, you can look for a recycling program that has already been established by a local waste management company, or even another restaurant.
  • Freeze it: Much like food leftovers that you would like to keep for a later day, used oil can be frozen for safekeeping as well. To do this, wait until the oil cools completely, and then pour it in to a tightly sealed container. Once frozen, you can either use the oil again or throw it out in its solid form, which will be much easier to work with.
  • Use it as fuel: If you own a large restaurant that uses a forklift to load and unload food deliveries, turning used oil into biodiesel can both provide a solution for your excess oil and help you save money on petroleum costs.
  • Garden compost: In small doses, certain vegetable oils can be used in a homemade compost for a garden. A bit of canola or olive oil in a spray bottle can also be used to tackle pesky weeds.
  • Use a fat trapper: There are also other methods in place that have been designed to specifically deal with the used oil dilemma. Fat trapper systems hold grease and oil in an aluminum bag inside of a plastic container, and when it’s full, the foil can easily be removed and thrown away.
  • Throwing oil out: To ensure that you throw oil away responsibly, pour the cooled oil into a milk carton or some other type of non-recyclable container and place it in a garbage bag.
  • Mixing: Make sure that you mix the oil with something that has high absorbent properties to prevent leakage from the garbage bag. Cat litter, sawdust and even flour are all thick enough to help prevent a mess when the time comes to throw your used oil out.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can participate in a routine cooking oil recycling program in New Orleans, LA, contact the team at Safeway Oil & Grease. We offer safe and convenient cooking oil disposal services when you need them. With regular visits, we will make sure that you won’t have to worry about what to do with your used cooking oil ever again. To work with a team that is fully dedicated to responsible oil disposal, make sure you give us a call today!

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