What Are the Dangers of a Clogged Grease Trap?

November 15, 2019

Commercial kitchens and food preparation facilities rely on grease traps to capture cooking oils and fats and prevent them from obstructing the flow of water in their plumbing system. Over time, grease traps naturally become clogged and have to be cleaned, but many business owners neglect grease trap maintenance, and this can have some serious consequences. Here are several clogged grease trap dangers in New Orleans, LA to keep in mind:

  • Drainage issues: One of the most significant issues caused by clogged grease traps is poor drainage. Excessive accumulation in your grease trap obstructs the flow of water and can cause blockages in kitchen sinks and appliances. If left unaddressed, drainage issues will only get worse, so it’s important to handle maintenance service and repairs as soon as possible.
  • Increased fire risk: Clogged grease traps can increase the risk of fire in your commercial kitchen. Grease is highly flammable, and a clogged grease trap is highly susceptible to ignition in the event of a wayward flame. Fires fueled by kitchen grease are difficult to control and challenging to extinguish. The more grease there is in your grease trap, the more fuel there will be for a kitchen fire. In the event of a fire, kitchens with clogged grease traps are more likely to sustain extensive damage, and there is a much greater risk of injury to employees and customers.
  • Bad odors: The grease that accumulates in grease traps tends to produce bad odors. These smells only get worse over time as more grease gets introduced to the system. Clogged grease traps can also accumulate other debris, like food scraps, that rot and produce even more bad odors. Eventually, odors from clogged grease traps can get so bad that they pass into the dining area, where they can be detected by customers.
  • Health risks: The bad odors and fumes produced by clogged grease traps can pose a health risk to employees. Inhaling fumes from clogged grease traps can cause respiratory irritation. Rapid bacteria development from grease clogs can also increase health risks in a commercial kitchen.
  • Higher costs: Delaying grease trap maintenance often leads to serious damage and issues with your grease trap later on. It costs far more to repair or a replace a grease trap than it does to have it regularly maintained, so keep up on cleaning services if you want to keep your costs down and avoid the hassle of big grease trap repairs.

Clogged grease trap dangers in New Orleans, LA

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