Top Reasons to Hire a Grease Trap Cleaner

December 16, 2019

If you don’t have a grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA, you’re missing out on several key benefits. Consider the following reasons to hire a grease trap cleaning service. You might be surprised at the significant perks this seemingly small investment offers.

Keep things running smoothly

Grease can build up faster than most restaurant owners realize. Before you know it, you could have a plumbing emergency on your hands. If clogged drains lead to water backups, the ensuing situation can cripple your business. You won’t be able to maintain ongoing operations, and customers’ bad experiences can ruin your establishment’s reputation.

To avoid these disasters, partner with a grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA. This service will ensure your drains remain free of grease buildup, to prevent plumbing issues that could hurt your operations.

Avoid costly fines

If your grease trap is not cleaned regularly and properly, you may fall out of compliance with local and federal health codes. This can result in steep fines. Don’t run the risk of failing a surprise inspection. A grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA will schedule regular cleanings to ensure your traps are always up to regulatory standards.

Maintain a healthy environment

Not only do clean grease traps keep operations running smoothly for customers, they also create a clean and healthy work environment for employees. When you provide a safe and inviting environment for staff, you can attract and retain higher-quality workers.

The healthy surroundings also boost employee morale and improve productivity. Staff enjoy clean, functioning equipment, and they are not forced to do this task themselves, which can be a source of complaint for many regular staff who are stuck doing this chore.

Lastly, the grease trap cleaning service will provide safe disposal of the grease. If you attempted this task yourself, what would you do with the grease? This disposal must be done according to local regulations. Grease trap cleaning professionals are familiar with these laws and are certified in properly disposing of the grease. They take this task off your hands while ensuring it is done responsibly.

Stay focused

Managing a restaurant involves myriad moving parts. You have a lot to focus on to ensure the success of your business. Let a grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA handle one of these tasks. By delegating this maintenance to a third party, you can check it off your list and create more room on your plate for other things, like growing your business.

Keep it clean

To start reaping these benefits of working with a grease trap cleaner in New Orleans, LA, contact the team at Safeway Used Oil and Grease. We are your trusted grease trap cleaning and used oil collection company. With over 20 years of experience and EPA licensure, we offer the expertise our customers need. Our services include commercial used oil collection, grease trap cleaning and inspections, and emergency grease trap cleaning and oil removal. Contact us today with any questions or to schedule your next service.

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