What Can Recycled Cooking Oil Be Used For?

January 18, 2020

In both home and commercial kitchens, used cooking oil is a significant byproduct. You can’t pour it down the drain (unless you welcome bonus visits from your favorite plumber), which makes it more complicated to deal with than you might prefer. However, your used cooking oil can actually go on to do great things, when you recycle it properly.

If your commercial kitchen needs a safe and reliable used cooking oil disposal service, call Safeway Used Oil and Grease. We’ll collect your spent oil and make sure its usefulness didn’t end in your deep fryer.

Here are just some of the many potential recycled cooking oil uses in New Orleans, LA:

  • Biodiesel: The biggest use for recycled cooking oil is, of course, biodiesel. Different types of used oils can be generated into different types of bio fuel, which typically burns cleaner than other kinds. There’s a far lower carbon monoxide byproduct (and lower carbon overall), which helps businesses lower their carbon footprint. Basically, it’s a win-win for everyone, including the environment.
  • Oil lamp fuel: If you have an oil burning lamp, your used cooking oil could be repurposed to fuel the flame.
  • Household lubricant: Squeaky doors or locks? Used cooking oil might become the basis of your WD-40 equivalent.
  • Leather conditioner and preservative: Since leather is essentially skin, it needs to be moisturized every so often, lest it dry out and crack. You could be using the remains of dinner from another night to help keep your furniture and leather clothing soft and smooth.
  • Soapmaking: Used oil can even be used to make lye soap. If that sounds strange, consider that the oil is filtered, cleaned and then mixed with other ingredients (including fragrances) to make it perfectly safe and clean to use.
  • Compost: Some used oil can be added to compost piles in order to make them more attractive to earthworms. (It’s important that if you try this at home, you only use vegetable oils, lest you attract unwanted critters.)
  • Animal food: Finally, used oil can be included in pet food. Your pets need a certain amount of oil in their diet to keep their skin healthy and their coats shiny—it’s the perfect use for cooking oil that has lost its flavor to humans!

As you can see, the uses for recycled cooking oil are varied. Isn’t it a relief to know that your oil isn’t a one-use ingredient?

Get help with cooking oil disposal in New Orleans, LA

When your cooking oil loses its flavor and begins to degrade, it’s time to switch it out for something new—but before you toss it, consider having Safeway Used Oil and Grease come to collect it for these recycled cooking oil uses and more. No matter what your oil disposal needs might entail, we can help you come up with a smart solution for your individual business. We serve a variety of commercial clients, including schools, hospitals, restaurants and more. Call us today to get started safely recycling your used cooking oil.

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