Does My Grease Trap Need to Be Repaired?

February 29, 2020

Grease traps serve an essential function in commercial kitchens. Not only do properly-maintained grease traps protect pipes and plumbing, they also reduce fire risk and ensure a safe kitchen environment. Unfortunately, grease traps often develop issues over time that must be addressed with professional maintenance or repair. If you’re experiencing some problems with your grease trap, but you’re unsure about whether you need grease trap repair in New Orleans, LA, keep reading for some professional advice.

Signs of grease trap issues

Grease traps are designed to catch fat, grease and cooking oil to protect your plumbing from residue, buildup and obstructions. As time goes by, grease traps fill up with fats and oils and must be maintained to keep them functioning properly. When a grease trap isn’t working as it should be, it’s essential to invest in repair services as quickly as possible. Ignoring issues with your grease trap can lead to additional problems down the road, not to mention health and safety risks for your commercial kitchen. Here are a few common indicators that your grease trap needs to be maintained or repaired:

  • Bad smells: If you notice unpleasant odors coming from your grease trap, it’s likely that you need to invest in grease trap maintenance. When grease traps aren’t pumped regularly, the built-up grease, fats, oils and food particles cause bacteria to develop, which leads to all kinds of unpleasant odors. Professional cleaning services from a grease trap technician will keep your grease trap clean and minimize the presence of foul odors in your commercial kitchen.
  • Low water flow: Another common sign of an issue with your grease trap is low water flow. If water is very slow to drain down your floor drains, it’s possible that your grease trap is too full or there are some grease deposits blocking up your pipes. Usually, cleaning your grease trap will solve problems with slow water flow. However, if you’re still experiencing poor water flow after having your grease trap cleaned, there might be an issue with your plumbing system that’s slowing things down.
  • Water overflowing and backflows: If your floor drains overflow with water or water backflows from your floor drains, it’s a clear sign that something is wrong. It’s possible that your grease trap is too full to accommodate a normal flow of water, or that your drains have become clogged with fatty substances due to a malfunctioning grease trap. A professional who offers grease trap repair in New Orleans, LA can inspect your grease trap to determine whether any repairs are necessary.

Schedule grease trap repair in New Orleans, LA

For professional grease trap repair in New Orleans, LA, reach out to Safeway Used Oil and Grease. We specialize in grease trap repair and maintenance services, and we’ve been developing a reputation for our quality customer service for over 20 years. Our team will come to your kitchen, inspect your grease trap, perform routine maintenance services and recommend repair and replacement services as necessary. Give us a call today to schedule a service appointment with one of our professional technicians.

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