The Top Reasons You Should Be Recycling Your Used Cooking Oil

February 1, 2020

When you own a business that involves cooking, whether it’s a school, hospital or restaurant, you’re bound to go through a lot of cooking oil. Eventually it degrades and loses its flavor, making it unsuitable for continued use in the kitchen. If you pour it down the drain, you risk clogging your plumbing and causing serious issues, but throwing it out isn’t exactly the best solution, either. That’s where recycling comes in—you can get rid of your used oil safely and quickly, and even guarantee that it will go on to have further purpose. Here are the best reasons to recycle cooking oil in New Orleans, LA:

  • It can be converted into biodiesel: Biodiesel is made by rendering plant and animal fat into a high-quality fuel, which acts similarly to petroleum-based fuel, but burns cleaner. With oil and gas prices constantly on the rise, this is a smart solution to a worldwide problem.
  • It’s a renewable resource: Because your cooking oil can be converted into a fuel that’s suitable for powering machinery and heating buildings, it’s a far more renewable resource than our widely-available—but sadly not renewable—fossil fuels.
  • It’s cost-effective: Biodiesel is even cheaper than fossil fuels, and in many cases, your cooking oil recycling company will pay you to collect your used cooking oil. You’re helping the environment and helping save your business money at the same time.
  • It’s environmentally friendly: As you already know, biodiesel is cleaner and renewable, which makes it one of the best solutions for keeping your greenhouse gas emissions down, and reducing your carbon footprint. With the emergent climate change crisis on our hands, every little thing you can do to help counts.
  • It will save your plumbing: What does oil do when it cools down? In most cases, it solidifies—so why would you ever pour it down your drain? Maybe in the dead of the Louisiana summer you can’t imagine that there is any substance (including yourself) that isn’t fully melted, but things are much cooler underground where your pipes are laid. When you pour cooking oil down the drain, you’re risking nasty clogs that could lead to major repairs down the road.

As you can see, recycling your used cooking oil doesn’t just benefit you—it has positive implications across the globe.

Cooking oil disposal in New Orleans, LA

Safeway Used Oil and Grease is your go-to source for cooking oil disposal and recycling in the New Orleans area. We serve a variety of commercial clients, from schools and hospitals to restaurants and commissaries. Our team will come to you, collect your used cooking oil and make sure that it’s recycled into everything from biodiesel to pet food. Be kind to the environment and take care of a pesky problem all at once when you call us to schedule your next oil collection. Want more information about reasons to recycle your cooking oil in New Orleans, LA? Get in touch with us—we look forward to working with you!

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