Five Dangers Arising from Clogged Grease Traps

April 9, 2020

The best way to avoid grease trap health hazards in New Orleans, LA is to schedule regular cleanings. Grease traps keep grease from causing larger plumbing issues, but that does not mean they are invincible. If you discover your grease trap is clogged, contact a professional to fix the problem immediately. Here are five dangers of letting this issue linger:

  • Plumbing clogs: Clogs from the grease trap can eventually move into your plumbing system. From there it can produce the usual effects of plumbing clogs: backed-up drains and overflowing toilets. Even your industrial-strength garbage disposal can’t deal with this issue, since it is not designed to handle grease. That is why it is a good idea to keep grease traps clean and prevent clogs in the first place.
  • Odors: As grease clogs linger in your trap and pipes, they will turn rancid. The resulting odors will waft through your kitchen, and if you own a restaurant, it will not take long until it travels into your dining space. You want customers to remember your restaurant because they enjoyed the food and atmosphere—not because they remember foul smells compromising their dining experience. A clean grease trap prevents this scenario.
  • Health risks: Odors emanating from your grease traps are not only unpleasant, they are also dangerous. Employees may become ill from inhaling them over time. This results in excessive needs for sick time off and even workers’ compensation claims. Clogged grease traps also lead to wastewater overflow, which contaminates your water. When this water is used for cooking or washing dishes, it ensures that every plate you serve is a food poisoning disaster waiting to happen. When people suffer food poisoning, they never forget the symptoms—or where they ate right before those symptoms started. You not only put people in danger, but will likely also face negative Yelp reviews.
  • Health code violations: When your grease trap produces unsanitary effects, you will likely experience a visit from the health department. Clogged grease traps are health code violations, and if you are found to be neglecting this issue, you will face a hefty fine and at least a short-term closure. This not only costs you money, but you will also be unable to keep your restaurant open to make money.
  • Fires: Grease is highly combustible. That’s why you want to clean your traps and get it out of your kitchen. Once these fires start, they are difficult to control and will likely end with severe damage to your restaurant. Fires are already a risk in every kitchen in the nation. You do not need to help them along by giving them another way to start.

Restaurant grease traps should be cleaned and pumped when they are 25 to 33 percent full. Setting a schedule for this service can prevent grease trap health hazards and other dangers in New Orleans, LA. If you require assistance, Safeway Used Oil and Grease offers grease trap cleaning for restaurants, residences and institutions. Call us today to schedule service or to recycle your accumulating kitchen oil.

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