How to Clear Grease from a Drain

June 10, 2020

Grease accumulation is one of the most common plumbing issues that home and business owners deal with. Food particles, cooking oil and other greasy substances go down the drain and build up, creating obstructions that block the flow of water and cause lasting damage to plumbing systems. Even with proper maintenance and care, it’s still possible for grease to become trapped in your drain and cause problems for your system. Keep reading to learn how to clear grease from a clogged drain in New Orleans, LA.

How drains get clogged

There are lots of different ways in which drains can become clogged with fatty deposits and grease. One of the most serious threats to plumbing systems is cooking fat and oil being poured down the drain. Even though cooking oil and grease goes down the drain as a liquid, it quickly begins to solidify. Solidified grease gets trapped in drains and sticks to pipes, eventually causing extensive plumbing obstructions.

In addition to directly pouring grease and oil down the drain, there are other things that can also contribute to grease obstructions. Many soaps are made with animal or vegetable fats that can contribute to grease deposits in plumbing systems. Food scraps from garbage disposals can also lead to problems for your plumbing system. These deposits of fats and grease collect other debris as they pass through the system. Not only can these obstructions block pipes in homes and businesses, they can also cause damage to municipal plumbing systems on the whole.

Clear grease from a clogged drain in New Orleans, LA

There are a few different ways to clear grease from a clogged drain in New Orleans, LA:

  • Drain cleaners: There are lots of drain cleaning products on the market that are designed to break down obstructions in plumbing systems. Drain cleaners are made with chemicals that loosen grease deposits and flush away clogs. However, drain cleaners aren’t always the best option. The harsh chemical ingredients can be harmful for plumbing systems and cause corrosion.
  • DIY formulas: To clean a drain without the use of harsh chemical cleaners, try a DIY formula. For example, a mixture of vinegar and hot water can be effective at breaking down oil and grease and getting rid of obstructions.
  • Hydro jetting: Hydro jetting is one of the safest and most effective drain cleaning solutions. A professional technician will use a specialized tool to force pressurized water through your plumbing system and remove any obstructions blocking water flow. Because hydro jetting uses water, there’s no need to worry about damage from harsh chemical drain cleaners.

Get more information about dealing with grease

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