Reasons to Start Recycling Your Used Cooking Oil

August 27, 2020

Restaurants at every level of the industry have an enormous need for cooking oil. It’s one of the most common ingredients found in a commercial kitchen, especially a kitchen in New Orleans. Of course, when your business is going through a lot of cooking oil, keeping it fresh and finding a constant source is probably at the forefront of your mind. If that sounds like you, then it’s time to explore the possibilities offered by recycling your oil.

Here are some compelling reasons to recycling your used cooking oil, courtesy of the best waste oil disposal service in New Orleans, LA.

Save yourself some money

That deep fryer and cooking oil isn’t going to last forever. Companies that make a lot of fried food are encouraged to swap out their oil twice a week. The costs of disposing of that oil can add up quickly, especially for a new business that’s looking to keep costs under control. When you work with an oil disposal company, you can virtually eliminate the costs associated with oil disposal.

Help the local economy

When you’re searching for the best waste oil disposal service in New Orleans, LA, it’s essential to go local. One recent study indicated that for every $100 you spend with a local company, approximately $68 will be spent in and around the local community. That means when you work with a local oil disposal business, you’re also boosting your community.

Promote the use of biodiesel

You might not realize it, but most of the world’s biodiesel comes from one of two sources: soybean oil and used cooking oil. Biodiesel burns cleaner (by a mile), improves engine operation and is safer for the environment if mishandled. In short, the more biodiesel, the better. If you’re using a waste disposal service, the odds are good that they are converting your used cooking oil into biodiesel.

Reduce waste

If you’re not disposing of your cooking oil correctly, it will undoubtedly end up in your drains or in the public sewer system. When left neglected, oil turns gloppy and can even solidify, causing severe problems for plumbing systems, regardless of their size. When you recycle your cooking oil, you can significantly reduce the amount of waste that is released into the environment. That’s good for your business and the community as a whole.

Recycle with the experts

If you’re intrigued by the possibilities of recycling cooking oil, then it’s time to call on Safeway Used Oil and Grease, the provider of the best waste oil disposal service in New Orleans, LA. Since we opened our doors all the way back in 1998, we have committed ourselves to customer satisfaction. Whether you need grease trap cleaning or inspections or require our state-of-the-art oil collection and recycling services, you can count on Safeway Used Oil and Grease.

We’re standing by to help you with your emergency needs, as well. We’re an EPA-licensed and family owned and operated company with an established reputation for excellence. It’s time you found out what Safeway Used Oil and Grease can do for your business. Pick up the phone and call today!

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