How to Properly Clean and Maintain Your Restaurant’s Grease Trap

September 15, 2020

Over time, your restaurant’s grease trap will build up a lot of gunk and debris that must be removed. Problems that can occur due to grease trap buildup include everything from minor problems like foul odors to potentially significant safety issues, such as a major risk of grease fires, or slippery surfaces that could lead to falls and broken bones.

By working with a local grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA to stay on top of regular grease trap cleaning, you will be able to better maintain your facility while also staying compliant with all regulations regarding kitchen cleanliness and safety for the restaurant industry.

It’s highly advisable that you work with a professional to get the most thorough results out of your grease trap cleaning. Here are just some of the steps professional grease trap cleaners will take when working at your facility:

  • Pump out the trap to remove all of the fats, oil and grease (FOGs) that built up inside so it can be transported to a licensed facility for processing
  • Scrape any additional FOGs out of the trap that may have hardened over time due to sitting in there for an extended period
  • Clean all drains in the kitchen, including sink and dishwasher drains
  • Clean the flow restrictor, allowing wastewater to be more efficiently filtered
  • Remove any waste in lines leading into or out of the grease trap

When working with a professional, you will be able to establish a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule. The frequency with which you have the professional cleaners come out to your facility depends on the size of the kitchen and the level of grease buildup you tend to have within a given time. But by setting an established schedule, you will be able to take your mind off having to schedule each appointment, and won’t have to worry about forgetting a cleaning, which could lead to a significant backup.

Working with a professional also helps you to remain compliant with all industry regulations and standards, as well as local regulations that allow you to keep your doors open and stay safe. These professional teams can generate service records and provide them to you upon request, which will be beneficial should you have an inspector show up at your facility and request these records. They will also be able to educate and train your staff on proper methods of grease disposal and grease trap maintenance, and get your trap completely cleared out without causing any kind of disruption to your business.

Finally, by working with a professional grease trap cleaning company, you can also get more environmentally-friendly service. Much of the waste that gets removed from the trap can be processed and repurposed, and the waste that cannot be repurposed will be properly disposed of in an environmentally-friendly way according to local regulations.

Interested in learning more about the importance of working with a local grease trap cleaning service in New Orleans, LA? Contact the team at Safeway Used Oil and Grease today with any questions.

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