Follow These Tips to Prolong the Life of Your Grease Trap

October 22, 2020

While every component of a commercial kitchen is critical in its own right, the importance of a grease trap can’t be understated. If a grease trap isn’t installed and working correctly, fats, oils and grease (FOGs) will get into the restaurant’s plumbing and, eventually, the city sewer system. Needless to say, a malfunctioning grease trap can shut down restaurant operations and result in a health code violation.

Thankfully, following these easy tips from local restaurant grease trap maintenance companies in New Orleans, LA can ensure your grease trap is working as it should and will stand the test of time:

  • Perform regular cleanings: Over time, FOGs and solid food particles can clog up grease traps, rendering them ineffective. Your trap’s manufacturer probably has a recommended cleaning schedule. If you can’t follow that, we advise draining the trap once a month and scraping out any stuck-on solids. This preventative action prevents malfunctions that could cost a small fortune to repair.
  • Watch what goes down it: Remember, a grease trap is meant to hold grease—it’s not a trashcan. Scrape all food particles off plates and cooking utensils before rinsing the dishware off. Any food will deteriorate in the grease trap, which could mean backups and a seriously funky smell that you don’t want to deal with.
  • Hire a professional: Pouring bleach, drain cleaner or other chemicals into your grease trap to clean it doesn’t work. On top of wasting your time, any DIY cleaning methods you read online won’t just harm the trap; they could negatively impact the environment. Instead, you’ll want to hire a team of professionals to clean your trap.

There are plenty of local restaurant grease trap maintenance companies in New Orleans, LA who can help with your grease traps. However, Safeway Used Oil and Grease is the best there is! Here are a few reasons customers choose us over those other guys:

  • Licensed and certified: Hiring just any team to clean your trap is almost as dangerous as doing it yourself. That’s why you should only work with Safeway Used Oil and Grease. We’re EPA-licensed and certified, so you can rest easy knowing we’ll safely remove all of your FOGs without damaging your trap or the environment.
  • Emergency services available: Any downtime for your grease trap could mean a halt in restaurant operations, which equates to money lost. That’s why we provide 24/7 emergency services. Day or night, count on our pros to get your trap back up and running.
  • Competitive pricing: There’s no reason to break the bank to maintain your grease trap. We offer fair and competitive pricing for all of our services. Call us today to get a quote; you won’t find better rates anywhere else.

Whether you need a professional to clean your grease trap or you’d like to get an inspection before the health officials come around, call our team at Safeway Used Oil and Grease. As one of the top local restaurant grease trap maintenance companies in New Orleans, LA, we guarantee your restaurant will be running in tip-top shape after we’re finished working on your grease traps.

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