How We Recycle Used Kitchen Oil

January 25, 2021

Cooking oil is a staple in any commercial kitchen in New Orleans, LA. It’s used every day in the creation of a wide range of dishes, and no kitchen can go without it. Unfortunately, used grease is considered hazardous. It can cause damage to the environment if it is not properly handled. Fortunately, there are safe ways to dispose of used grease. Following are the recommended methods that a commercial kitchen uses for this disposal.

Indoor containers

A commercial kitchen can install an indoor tank to store their used cooking oil in New Orleans, LA. These tanks may be located near the fryer, but they do not have to be. Remote pumping is usually an option to empty these tanks when needed. These containers typically range from 100 to 400 gallons. They are usually placed in an inconspicuous location, and the restaurant contracts with a service that pumps out the grease in New Orleans, LA on a regular basis.

Outdoor containers

Commercial kitchens can also choose outdoor containers for their grease storage. These usually range from 55-gallon drums to 300-gallon tanks. These containers are leak-proof and can be locked. Restaurant employees can simply pour used cooking oil in New Orleans, LA into the containers for proper disposal, to protect both their plumbing and the environment.

Specialized disposal

Some commercial kitchens in New Orleans, LA may need a custom solution for their cooking oil. These options include mobile grease storage units that offer a safe and efficient grease collection system. Other options include custom sizes for indoor or outdoor tanks to meet the specific needs of the restaurant’s oil use and available space.

Benefits of recycling cooking oil

Considering the alternatives, recycling grease is truly the best option for disposing of used cooking oil. Once it has lived out its usefulness, this substance cannot simply be poured down the drain. This will wreak havoc on plumbing systems and add semi-hazardous waste to the ecosystem. If it is simply placed in the regular trash for pickup, it can also pose a hazard to the environment.

To protect all of these structural and environmental systems, recycling is the only option. For restaurants, an additional benefit may be financial payoff. In many areas, services offer free pickup of used cooking oil, and the restaurant may be paid according to the weight of their recycled grease in New Orleans, LA. Due to this benefit, some restaurants may even allow local residents to add their used grease to the restaurant’s containers for proper disposal.

Give us your grease

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