Tips for Storing Used Automotive Oil

March 2, 2021

If you own an automotive shop or similar business that deals with a lot of automotive oil, you know that having gallons and gallons of used oil in the shop is a hassle. In addition to being messy and cluttering up your workspace, it can lead to some serious injuries.

As experts in used motor oil disposal in New Orleans, LA, we’re here to help give you some pointers about storing and disposing of all that old oil. Continue reading to learn how you can keep your shop safe and less messy:

  • Clean spills right away: Our first bit of advice when it comes to used oil storage is to clean up spills immediately. Even a few drops of oil on the ground can be enough to cause a slip and fall. In addition to avoiding injuries, keeping a clean garage prevents any lawsuits that stem from a workspace that violates OSHA protocols.
  • Don’t mix oil with other liquids: Combining all used liquids into one container might seem like a good way to save space and time. However, that’s a horrible idea. Used oil that’s mixed with liquids like antifreeze, gasoline or solvents can’t be properly recycled. Additionally, this mixed solution must be managed as hazardous waste.
  • Be mindful of storage containers: That old storage container sitting in your garage should never be used to store old motor oil. Rusty, dented or otherwise compromised containers are known to leak. Be sure your oil storage container is in good condition and properly labeled for used motor oil.
  • Keep storage containers closed: Unless you’re filling the receptacle or removing oil from it, keep your used oil container securely closed. Keeping the lid on ensures other liquids or particles don’t get into the container, which contaminates oil that could otherwise be recycled.
  • Call a professional to remove it: Finally, be sure to call a team of experts for used motor oil disposal in New Orleans, LA. EPA-licensed professionals will haul off containers of your old oil and properly recycle it. Bringing in the pros can save you time and money, and you’ll rest easy knowing you’re doing your part to help protect the environment.

Why is proper storage important?

As alluded to above, being mindful of your used oil storage isn’t just a safety concern for your employees—it’s critical for the health of our environment. Even tiny leaks from improper storage can contaminate the groundwater. This can hurt or even kill local wildlife, harm vegetation and even poison nearby residents.

Storing your oil correctly and calling professionals to recycle it for you only takes a minute and helps keep Louisiana beautiful!

Hire our team to remove your used oil

Even if it’s stored in a proper container, you can’t hold onto all of that old oil forever, so be sure to call Safeway Used Oil and Grease to handle your used motor oil disposal in New Orleans, LA. We have all of the equipment and knowhow to properly recycle your old oil.

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