What Are the Benefits of Recycling Oil?

May 10, 2021

What do you do with used cooking oil? There can be a lot of oil to deal with in a restaurant or commercial kitchen, and it needs to be properly disposed of. Did you know that in addition to hiring a service to come pick up and dispose of the oil for you, you can also have it recycled?

There are many benefits to cooking oil recycling in the 70085 area. Some of them are practical, business-related reasons like reducing costs and keeping the kitchen clean. There are also environmental reasons that can help reduce your impact on the planet and help lower our overall carbon footprint.

Here are some examples that fit into both of these categories.

Helps the environment

Cooking oil can be recycled into fuel for cars. This is called biodiesel, and a car powered by this type of fuel produces zero harmful emissions—unlike traditional, gas-fueled automobiles. Even plug-in vehicles require electrical energy that can be harmful to the Earth to produce, but biodiesel is a green energy source that can be used like gasoline to power cars or generate electricity.

Not only does recycling oil allow for the creation of this type of fuel, but it reuses a product that would otherwise just be disposed of and tossed down the drain. Pouring oil down the drain is bad for the environment as well as the sewer system in your kitchen.

Reduced costs

By committing to cooking oil recycling in Saint Bernard, LA, you can also save money for your business. Having a regular pickup schedule for your used cooking oil can keep your grease traps clear for longer periods of time and save on the bill for grease trap cleaning services. Not only will this cut down on costs, but it will extend the life of your plumbing and sewer system.

Some methods of disposal of used cooking oil can be against local regulations. By having a regularly scheduled cooking oil recycling pickup service, you can avoid having to worry about breaking any laws and having to pay fines for doing so.

Tips for storing cooking oil to be recycled

Should you choose to recycle your used cooking oil, there are some things you should know about storing it. For example, it’s a good idea to store used cooking oil away from any sewer drains to ensure that any accidental spills don’t wind up going down the drain. Make sure to train all employees on proper storage procedures.

It’s also wise to store used cooking oil in airtight containers to prevent foul odors from lingering in the air. This will also help prevent vermin infestations from critters and bugs that might like a taste of that old grease.

When you are looking for a company to help with cooking oil recycling in Saint Bernard, LA, contact Safeway Used Oil and Grease for professional, experienced service. We provide cooking oil recycling services for both commercial and industrial clients, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, hotels and more. Get in touch to learn more about what we can do for you!

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