Why We Should Recycle Oil

June 2, 2021

Need to dispose of used motor oil in New Orleans, LA? Even a small amount of motor oil, when disposed of irresponsibly, can have harmful implications for the environment. It’s best to be mindful of your actions and rely on a service for used oil collection and recycling to make sure the waste is disposed of the right way. Here’s why you should rely on a used oil pickup service to recycle this potentially harmful waste product.

Contaminated oil can enter water supplies

Engine oil recycling in New Orleans, LA is essential because used oil is harmful to the environment. The oil picks up contaminants as it’s used in engines and transmissions, including lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, dioxins and other hazardous substances. Consider this: just ¼ gallon of oil can contaminate up to 250,000 gallons of water. If you don’t take steps to properly dispose of your oil, it has the potential to enter a fresh water supply. Partner with a professional service for motor oil collection to pick up the oil so it can be reused and reduce your overall environmental impact.

Oil is a resource that can be depleted

Another benefit to engine oil recycling is that it reduces the depletion of one of the planet’s finite resources: oil. After used oil goes through the re-refining process, it can be turned back into motor oil, industrial burner oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil or fuel. Since oil is a finite resource, putting it to good use a second time around is simply a responsible choice.

Improper disposal of oil can harm animals

Much of the oil in runoff from land and municipal and industrial wastes actually ends up in the oceans. Not only can oil in the oceans stick to the fur or feathers of marine mammals and birds, but it can also affect bottom-dwelling fish and expose them to disease and reproductive problems. In short, a tiny oil spill can wreak havoc on the planet’s ecosystem. Dispose of your oil responsibly by partnering with a motor oil collection service to avoid harming innocent animals.

Improper oil disposal can contaminate soil

The metals in used motor oil can dissolve in water and make their way into the soil. As you might expect, the metals can find their way into plants and even have an impact on our food supply. Cleaning soil is incredibly difficult, expensive and time-consuming, and it can be avoided if you’re mindful about the way you dispose of used motor oil.

Recycling oil saves you money

When environmental disasters occur due to improperly handled motor oil, someone has to cut the check for the cleanup. You pay for the environmental damage in terms of higher consumer prices, taxes and even increased healthcare costs. Recycling motor oil can reduce occurrence of these disasters and can actually keep more money in your wallet.

Partnering with the professionals in used oil collection and recycling in New Orleans, LA is beneficial for your budget, and it’s a responsible choice that protects the planet’s fragile ecosystems. Contact Safeway Used Oil and Grease to learn more about the process and benefits of motor oil recycling.

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