How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

May 5, 2022

Home maintenance is an ongoing task. You have to stay on top of things at all times if you want your home to run smoothly. Sometimes, we can miss a few things because they often operate away from view.

Your drains are prime examples of that. Because you cannot really see inside your drains, it’s hard to tell when they may require cleaning.

This article should provide some guidance regarding that matter. Read on if you want to find out how often your drains need to be cleaned.

How Often Should I Clean My Drains?

Here’s the thing. If you’re asking, “How frequently should my drains be cleaned?”, then you will likely be greeted by a wide variety of answers.

Does that mean that no one has any idea regarding how often drains require cleaning? Well, not exactly.

You see, the rate at which your home’s drains may end up clogged will likely differ from what other households will experience. That should not come as much of a surprise since we all use our drains differently.

Some homes that produce a lot of waste may need very regular cleaning. Others may be able to go for months without needing the help of a cleaning service.

How Can You Tell if Your Drains Need to Be Cleaned?

Since the rate at which drains need to be cleaned can differ from one household to the next, that begs an obvious follow-up question.

How can you tell when the time has come for you to clean your drains?

Thankfully, figuring out when your drains require cleaning is easy enough. You just have to be aware of certain signs indicating that your drains need urgent maintenance. We have highlighted some of those signs below.

Slow or Non-Existent Draining

Is the water draining from your sink or bathroom moving slower than normal? If so, then your drains may be clogged.

In extreme cases, the water may not drain at all. You already have a serious issue on your hands if that happens.

Foul Odors

While washing the dishes or taking a shower, you may notice a foul odor lingering in the air. Upon closer inspection, you may discover that the foul odor is coming from your drain.

The bad odor is a potential sign that you have a clog. Deal with that quickly so it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem.

Gurgling Noises

You usually don’t hear any distinctive noises when water moves smoothly through a drain. That’s why it’s so startling when you start to hear gurgling noises coming from those openings.

Gurgling noises are also indicators that your drains need to be cleaned as soon as possible.

Pests Coming From Your Drains

Lastly, you may notice that more and more pests seem to be hanging around your drains. That could be because they are feeding on the stuck bits of food that are trapped in your pipes. Clean your drains thoroughly if you want to get rid of those pests.

Should You Try Preventative Drain Cleaning?

If you don’t want to risk running into the issues we mentioned above, then cleaning your drains regularly is still an option.

Annual drain cleaning should help keep your plumbing in good shape. You can also sign up for one cleaning session after every six months if you want to be extra cautious.

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