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How Grease Traps Work

August 3, 2018

You’re probably familiar with the negative effects associated with pouring grease down the drain. In your kitchen at home, you’re probably used to pouring grease and oil from cooking into a jar and throwing it away, but disposing of grease can be far more complicated at a commercial facility or restaurant. Because of the high volume of grease, fat and oils that’s produced in restaurants, commercial kitchens are equipped with grease interceptors, or grease traps, to collect the oily substances that go down the drain. Understanding a little bit more about how grease traps work and why grease trap cleaning... View Article

Effects of a Dirty Grease Trip

July 20, 2018

In a restaurant, hundreds of meals may be prepared in a given day. With all this cooking, it’s no surprise that a significant amount of grease and oil ends up going down your drains. In order to prevent damage to plumbing, restaurants have grease traps that catch these oily substances and prevent them from ending up in the sewer system, where they could cause damage. With so many different things to keep track of when it comes to maintaining your restaurant, it’s easy to forget about getting regular grease trap cleaning in St. Bernard, LA. However, it’s essential that you... View Article

Warning Signs Your Grease Trap Needs Cleaning

June 21, 2018

Grease traps are found in restaurants, institutions and homes throughout the world. Grease traps collect residual fats, oils and solids that may wash down into your sink. While many grease traps are capable of collecting lots of debris and oil, they need regular cleaning and maintenance to continue operating as intended. Dirty grease traps can make it difficult to properly clean your kitchen gear, and may eventually pose a health risk at your restaurant or home. The best way to ensure that your grease trap doesn’t get to a point where it’s in serious need of cleaning is by investing... View Article

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